The Acme award was established in 1993 and is Women’s Council most prestigious award. Awarded annually, the Acme recipient must be an outstanding woman that has demonstrated by honorable reputation, probity and the distinction of multiple accomplishments in the field of business, politics or social services and has made a great impact amongst the African American community.

The Application for 2019

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The Katrina D. Henry Scholarship was renamed in 2005 in the memory of Past President of the Women’s Council of NAREB. This scholarship is an annual scholarship awarded to High School students attending various colleges and universities as college Freshmen

The BIG BROTHER Award was established to express appreciation and give recognition to a male council member, who provides exception support to the organization. The BIG BROTHER Recipient must be a member of the Women’s Council for at least 6 years and is presented every five years.

Thank you to our male support.

The Emeritus Award was established in 2008 to honor a Board of Governors who has been committed and dedicated to the organization.